Joined June 2007 On QUIF after playing RE3.Then got to knew the members of the site,played Xbox blah blah.Then Tripped of the agency building with tanner =D,Leading to a long series of events of not being taken seriously >_>.

Then Came along CoD4 and started to play more and more with Tanner,Tom,and Matt.Wasn't to Good back then till matt caught me playing in shipment for my self[Still denying it].

Even no one likes to mention it,Ark was one of the few who revolted against the So called tyrant Shelby who took mind control of all the members.But Thy campaign was driven to the ground with all admins against him and never heard of again.

Came in late during the New UIF revolution and spent the next hours of it spamming old uif…and even…posted AFTER jon/adam closed the topic.That's a lot of awesomeness there buddy. Now just chillin in New UIF Playing xbl every chance he gets with Tom and others.[lololol jk]

Ark steals lunch from poor kids.

Then lots of stuff happened therefore….lah dee da -_-

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