Call Of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 is played fairly often by UIF. During January and February 08, Tanner, Matt, and Tom played it about every day. It is also where Matt and Tom met Towers. It is also home of Matt Inc. and Tanner Inc.

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Custom Games

  • Michael Myers:

Game is set up in Old School mode. No sprinting. No Perks. No Air Support. No Guns

One player is Micheal. They are only allowed to use a knife to kill with. The other players are not allowed to use guns or any other types of weapons. The game lasts as long as it takes for Mike to kill everyone. Last man standing is Michael in the next round.

Some games will have the Horror Hero Rule. The last person alive is allowed to attack Michael. If they kill Mike, grats. Next round the last person alive is still Mike.

  • Border Patrol

Team or Free for all. Overgrown Map.

One team is made of Snipers. They hide on "Grandma's house" the house in the middle of the map. The other team goes to the far side of the map and either fires a shot to signal the "Runners" are ready or if everyone can be heard on voice someone says they are ready.

The runner must get from one side of the level to the other, to the wooden shack next to the Barn. Once there, the runners can attack the snipers and attempt to kill them.

The snipers must prevent the runners from getting across the border. They are not allowed to leave the roof of the house they are on.

The game is over when one team is all dead.

Random Shit

Running like a Tard

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