"A little immature? SHUT UP!!!!!!! > : ("

Carlos is a faggot who has been a member at both New and Old UIF.


He is obsessed with Slipknot and, like any other Maggot (moar liek FAGGOT lol lol) he will insult you, lash out at you, and basically act like you just skull fucked his mother's dead body ( Towers has actually done this many times, even though he doesn't know Carlos) if you say anything even slightly negative about Slipknot. He is 15 years old, and is the very definition of "Internet tough guy." If you attempt to point out what a douchebag he is, he will most likely respond with something like "shut up faggot!!!!" or "im gonna beat you up!!!!"

He is now banned from New UIF, and never visits Old UIF.

Appearance in the UIF Movies

Carlos appears in both UIF movies as a clown wearing some kind of gay space outfit with short shorts. In both movies, he is the main antagonist.

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