Corey (Chris "The Big Boss" Redfield)

Full Name: C.O.R.E.Y (Collective Organism Reborn Every Year)
Age: —
Sex: Male
Alliases: TV, Corey, Chris Redfield, Big Boss, Grimmjow, the, Punisher, TVthePunisher, TyrantsVengeance, Rekotsu, Giggity-Giggity-Goo
Bio: Originally I came to the internet around the age of 13, to skip a wall of text (for the pleasure of Jesse) I RPed a lot and had online girlfriends (woo).

I became a member of in 2002, joining the Resident Evil (Gamecube version) board and becoming one of the regulars.

I was banned from the site following an invasion from trolls, and the mods turning to their side…thus leading to more violations on my part than what was deserved. I personally attacked CJay and was banned instantaniously.

2004 - I returned for a short time, but found that most if not all of the originals were gone or at another board. After awhile, meeting new people and such…I left again.

Returning later, I came across Resident Wesker (Jesse) and he led me to his own site…which at the time he acted a lot like Tanner does now, not being so sarcastic and cussworthy. He was actually innocent at the time, so I followed through with his brave ideas…

Many of the regulars that were currently at the REmake board at GameFAQs joined Jesse's site, so I met a new group of friends but most of them are now missing…only Adam and Jesse remain. I then came across Holly joining our site, and followed her to her own site…her UIF (where I met Tanner and others).

To keep things classified, a lot between me and Holly is to be kept in the dark. After awhile however her brother, in his increased stupidity decided to attack everyone with insults and lead to many people leaving…eventually things settled down and Jon started acting better…but things would yet again get worse. For a time even I left the site, due to Jon and even Jesse's attitude…but in the end I returned once more.

After awhile the site changed to another site, which is now called UIF…but the other one I can't remember too well…anyways, things were great for awhile and were fine. But same issues catch up with themselves, and this time Holly was getting defensive on her brother's behalf…thus leading to a seige. Following this dispute, Tanner decided on creating the New UIF…an expansion and overall better community than the one left behind. Things were well, troublemakers were kept out…and all was fine. However, upon my return to the new site I found that both Holly and Jesse were frequent members…which makes me wonder just how much time remains before another incident will occur…will history repeat itself?

Will more problems arise? Will Jon return and show nothing but ignorant fart jokes in his wake? Time will tell…

My name has changed from time to time in all these sites, starting as Tyrant528 on GameFAQs, then TyrantsVengeance (and spin-offs VengefulAngel and Rekotsu), then to another account and finally TVthePunisher. Some more accounts would be made later, mainly the REmake_Board account but aside from that…

My name changed all the time around Jesse, Holly and Tanner's sites…moving from Big Boss to Chris Redfield to Grimmjow and TVthePunisher, to being back to Chris "Big Boss" Redfield.

As far as personal life comes, I have graduated high school and have a job…pay my own rent in an apartment, and I'm married…have a step son and a son on the way.

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