Floor 30

Floor 30 is part of the UIF HQ. It is through a door that sometimes doesn't open and down the narrow flight of stairs.


Once there you are greeted with a large gold wall plaque with "30 Floor" written on it. Next to that is an out of order elevator that is taped off with yellow caution tape.

Down the long stretch of hallway there are multiple locked doors and house keeping carts. These carts can be pushed around, knocked over, blown up, and stood on.

There are also multiple stone pillars that help to hold up the UIF HQ. They can be shot at and partially destroyed.


The entrance to Floor 30 was found on accident. Towers, Tom, Lost, Flo, and Matt were among the first to enter Floor 30. In the original discovery of the UIF HQ, Towers went through the doorway and down the stairs. Tom asked where Towers went and he told them "I went through the door.." Everyone was confused for a minute until Towers came back up and showed the rest the door. At that moment Lost was unable to get through the door, so he reset and rejoined and could enter.

How to Enter

I don't know…really. It seems to be random. Sometimes the door will open, sometimes it won't. Some think it's cause of your XBL connection. Some think it depends on who hosts the game. If you can get through the door, it will swing open just like any other door in the game. Another way to tell before you get there is if you can see the door being pushed open.

If you can't get through the door, then it will appear as if you are running into the door, and look like a total tard. People that can get through the door will see your character push the door open, get a few steps through the doorway and then be teleported back out.

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  • Floor 30 is part of a main story mission in GTA IV. I won't spoil it cause Tanner goes nuts about that shit.
  • The first time Tanner was shown the UIF HQ, he could not get through the door to Floor 30. He then reset his Xbox nearly 10 times.
  • When shooting at the pillars, chunks of cement will fly off of them, revealing the rebarb cage inside it.
  • At the other end of the hallway, there is another door and stairs that lead to a locked door.

Spartankill! Spartankill!

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