Grand Theft Auto IV

GTAIV was UIF's online game of choice for about 5 months, starting when it came out. Most of the time people played Free Mode. GTAIV is the home of UIF HQ. While most people said that they weren't going to get it at first, almost everybody got it at launch.

Custom Games

GTAIV's free mode gives room for a lot of… well, freedom. This allows people to come up with custom games.

Speed Trap

One person starts out as a cop, and everyone else is a criminal. It is the cop's goal to, fuck this towers can do it

Thanks, Tanner. I got it from here.

One person starts as a cop. They must be in a cop car, and can not leave the car unless it is about to explode or stalled. Everyone else is a criminal and must be in a car. No helicopters or boats.

Map blips, gamertags, everything that would show up about a player is turned off. Respawn distance is set to far, but doesn't always work. The game is confined to the middle island, you can not leave that island.

Criminals can not shoot at the cop or attempt to kill them in any way. Breaking their car is allowed.

It is the goal of the cop to "arrest" the criminal by killing them. Once the criminal is dead, that player becomes a cop. They can either ride with the other person, or have their own car.

Criminals must stay moving or stay out in the open. No hiding in small alley ways or in buildings.

The game is over when the last person is dead. That person then becomes the first cop in the next game.

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