Inside Jokes

Umbrella Inc Forums has a wide variety of inside jokes. And by that, I mean there's a shit ton of stuff you won't understand in a conversation with us, even if you are a member. Here is a list of them, along with an explanation for each one (If anyone can remember how it started.)

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."

Something Matt used to say whenever he didn't want to hear what someone was saying.


Again, something Matt said. There was a time during Gears of War where the other team was doing very well, and Matt said, "They're GlitchIN'" with a ton of emphasis on the "in'."


When some crazy bitch named Sybl that has child pr0n on her Photobucket account came to UIF, she could not for the life of her find out how the FUDGE to get into the chatroom! After many attempts to explain to her how to get in, by clicking on "Chatroom," she still couldn't get in. This made Matt reply with "It's SHROUDED in MYSTERY!" in the Cbox.

Did you graduate from from clown school?

In this thread: Matt missed a "T" in the word "ALERT." Ark corrected him, and Matt replied with "You are so smart. What, did you graduate from Clown School or something?"

You really need to work on your sarcasm.

Tanner jokingly told Matt he needed to work on his sarcasm. Then, Holly later made a thread telling everyone to cut down on their gaming hours from 5 to 4, to which Matt responded "Yeah, I'll be sure to cut my six hours of video games down to five and a half. " Holly then responded with. "Tanner's right, you do need to work on your sarcasm…"

Who turned these cops on?

During GTA4 online one night, Tanner turned on the cops for a Free Roaming match. No one else knew, and Dave responded with "Who turned the cops on?!" For some reason, people kept saying this until the point where it became a joke.

If you get 20 kills on Call of Duty 4 you get to summon Dragonzord and the A-Team

Pretty simple. Towers and Tom joked around that if you got a 20 kill streak on CoD4, you got to summon the Dragonzord. Towers then said that the A-Team was flying his choppers, but B.A. Baracus was knocked out in the back cause "I ain't gettin' on no plane foo!" Towers would then sing the A-Team theme while the chopper "did work."

Purplez Drank

ZombiexDave (12:44:29 AM): lol…me and tom started that a while ago
ZombiexDave (12:44:45 AM): cause we were talking about going to the fair
ZombiexDave (12:44:53 AM): and how there's like…a special little african american section
ZombiexDave (12:44:57 AM): and they don't sell juice
ZombiexDave (12:45:04 AM): they sell red drank and purple drank
ZombiexDave (12:45:15 AM): which then slowly became corrupted by the internet
ZombiexDave (12:45:17 AM): becoming
ZombiexDave (12:45:20 AM): purplez drank
ZombiexDave (12:46:05 AM): …or something like that

Then, during a session of Left 4 Dead, Dave and Tom decided that purplez drank could be obtained by going into the freezer on the third act of Dead Air.

Lego Land

If you fly too far away from the island on GTA4, your helicopter will explode. One night while playing GTA4, Tom and Dave got Ark to get into a helicopter with them. Tom was flying towards the death zone at a high speed, when Ark asked "Where are we going?" Dave responded with "WE'RE GOING TO LEGO LAND!". This happened about 5 seconds before the helicopter shot to the ground in a spectacle of fire and death.

You gotta be really intelligent!

One night during CoD4, Matt kept getting shot by rockets, by the same guy. Over and over again. When the game ended, Matt kept saying "You gotta be really intelligent to __!" with the blank being whatever the guy just did.

Just like Oblivion

It started with Dave getting mad when people would compare the game Fallout 3 to Oblivion. Now people commonly compare things to Oblivion that are nothing like it at all just to say that.


A new member took Umbrella Inc Forums by storm one day. This man was named Shelby. This was no ordinary member. This member was a great man, and was a genius with words. His amazing first impression began with his intro thread.

"Hello. iv been a RE fan since i played RE2 so i bought then all and played. silent hill isnt as good. and the RE movies sucked balls. who is alice in the real stories and 2 it was jill that killed nemisis. im 18 and im a US Soldier in the US Army. and did u know in RE2 u can kill the camera guy"


After this, everyone knew how awesome Shelby was, and Tanner started the "Shelby for Member of the Month campaign." There was even a campaign banner.


With about 4/5 of the members behind the campaign, Shelby won by a landslide.

Just because I said … doesn't mean I meant …

One day in the chatroom, Tom said "Uh oh, RRoD."

Ark: That sucks.

Tom: ?

Ark: Left 4 Dead comes out in like 3 days

Tom: It sure does. I can't wait!

Ark: You said you got the red ring.

Tom: No I didn't.

Tanner: Yeah you did. You said "Uh oh, RRoD."

Tom: Just because I said "RRoD" doesn't mean I meant "RRoD."

I'm pretty spektical about it…

This was the first time Matt and Tanner ever played XBL with Chloe. Matt joins in on the Gears of War game and happens to hear Chloe talking to Adam. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, her voice ended up sounding like a mans voice. So when Matt and Tanner got on their own team together..

Tanner: So what do you think?
Matt: I don't know… I'm pretty spektical about it…

Matt mispronounced the word, and it was funny as hell at the time. They ended up joking about it the whole game and eventually she caught on even when Tanner brilliantly used the cover up story that they were talking about Britney Spears relationship with Kevin Federline and K-Fed's pathetic attempt at being a rapper.

Either way, round here we say spektical, not skeptical. Bitch.

The Yellow Dot

In a free for all game of GTA, Matt kept trying (and usually succeeding) to kill Ashley. She just so happened to be the yellow dot. So he kept saying things like, "I'm gonna destroy the yellow dot" or "I'm going after the yellow dot". Anyways it got pretty violent. This started a never ending feud between the two, which to this day, still has not been resolved and probably won't be until one of them actually does kill the other.

Spartankill! Spartankill!

When someone was taking a group picture of some members during a game of GTA4, Matt was standing on the edge of the picture. His Gamertag's display got cut off. Where it said "SpartanKILLER64," it now said "SpartanKILL." When Matt saw this, he said "Spartankill! Spartankill!"
The image can be viewed here:

Adam is a Furry

This came about when Tanner, Tom, Casey, and Adam were talking on IMVU. Adam's character looks like a tiger, and Casey said "He's a furry!" when he first saw it.

I'll give you a free shot!

Whenever Tanner says something that pisses Tom off, he says that he'll give 5 seconds to punch him in the face with no repercussions, knowing that there's no way Tom will be able to get from New York to Iowa in time to do it.


One night during CoD4, some guy got tired of hearing Matt, Tom, and Tanner constantly talking. Then, when Tanner was trying to tell a story about Nick, he cut Tanner off by saying "NIIIIICK! NIIICK!" Then, when he was done, Tanner tried to start again, but the guy cut him off again by going "NIIIIICK! NIIIIICK! No one cares about Nick, alright?" Tanner, Matt, and Tom imitated him the rest of the night, saying "NIIIIICK" whenever he would talk.

Adam Lee Hamburger

One day, Matt started an IP list for the Chatroom. He had a list of everyone's names and their IP'S. For some reason he wanted to add Adam's full name, but he couldn't quite remember it. He just knew it started with Hamb. So he put Adam Lee Hamburger. Apparently word got out and Adam got real upset because everyone was making fun of him. It was funny. Adam also received 70 Red Flags on the chat. The most EVER recorded.

Fuck you, ya fuckin' blowjob!

Something Matt started saying a lot after watching a DVD of Russell Peters (the comedian). It even made it's way into the first UIF movie. Now it's said by a lot of the members randomly just for fun.

Time Travelers

Tanner always says that his time zone (Central US) is the real one. Whenever someone says what time it is for them and it's not right according to Central US, Tanner says that they are from the future, or from the past, depending upon how much they're off.

Smoke Monster BWAAAA

During a free roam game in GTA IV, Tanner kept telling Towers to come find him, he had something awesome to show him. Nearly an hour or more went by before Tanner finally was able to show him. Tanner was smashing a car into a wall until black smoke was coming from the hood. Then, once Towers was in the car, he would drive backwards and say "Looks like the Smoke monster from LOST doesn't it!"

Tanner did this all in a private chat, to not spoil the story of the Smoke Monster for the others. Tom, Adam and Flo were playing that night. Once out of the private chat Towers said "All he wanted to do was show me the Smoke Monster from lost" then explained it to Adam cause he had not seen it. Tanner then started to invite Towers to private chats and yell at him for spoiling it. Everyone made fun of him for it, then he rage quit from the game.

"SMOKE MONSTER BWAAA" was Towers' motto on XBL


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