New UIF is the current location of UIF. It was created on February 14th, 2008 by Tanner, who is the current owner of the website. It can be found at , or the domain name,

The Move

The move occurred on February 14th, 2008, but the events leading up to it date back to about 10 months ago. In April 2007, Jon returned to UIF after a long hiatus. Constantly picking fights with other members and just being a douche bag in general, many members got sick of him. He stirred up a lot of tension on UIF, and many people told Holly about their dislike for him. However, she would not listen to any of them and allowed Jon to do whatever he wanted.
Then, about 5 months later, Matt bought a chatroom for UIF. It was an advanced chatroom, and a large step up from UIF's free one it had been using. More and more members started going in there, which made the community much stronger. However, it created a small decrease in posts. Holly didn't like this.
As more and more people started using the chatroom, the more pissed off Holly and Jon got. The tension got worse and worse until finally on February 13th, 2008, Holly announced that she was leaving UIF and giving it to Tanner.
Tanner went to bed after a friendly conversation with Holly on AIM that night, and went to bed knowing that it would be tough but he could handle UIF.
When he got home from school the next day, he got onto UIF, ready for his first day as head admin on UIF. But then, when he tried to get onto his account, he realized that his old password wasn't working. When he clicked on his account, he saw a bunch of posts on it that he didn't make, telling everyone to stay at UIF even though Jon and Adam2 were the new admins. Holly had given the forum to Jon and his friend instead of Tanner.
Not liking this one bit, he sent a message to Trent over AIM telling him that Jon was posting on his account. Then, he told Trent that drastic measures were necessary at this point, and that he was going to create New UIF. Trent got onto Old UIF and sent private messages to everyone that he could, giving them a link to New UIF. About 30 members got the message, and they all moved over to the new site. For the rest of the night, everyone on the site was on and posting at the same time, helping to create the new forum and get it started up, getting about 1,600 posts in the first 24 hours. The original plan was to keep the site a secret from Jon and Holly to avoid drama. Unfortunately, one of the members that was given a link to New UIF was Carlos. Carlos proceeded to tell Jon about New UIF after it had been alive for only about 2 hours. Jon followed the link and saw the site being created before his very eyes. In New UIF's Cbox, he swore to everyone that he would not rest until he had destroyed New UIF himself. To this day, he hasn't done jack shit. However, TOS violation reports from both UIF's were thrown around to the admins at PBS. None of them did any good. In a fit of rage, Jon went through everyone's PM's and started posting them on the forum.
Two days later Holly predictably returned to Old UIF. However, no one else did.

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