Saints Row 2

Saints Row 2 is a GTA-esque game that takes place in Stillwater, a city based off of Detroit and Chicago. It has a very good custom character creator, which has resulted in many different characters being made, such as:

  • Ash Ketchum - created by Towers
  • Duke Nukem - created by Tom
  • Chris Redfield - created by Tanner
  • Tom - created by Tom
  • Faith (Mirror's Edge) - created by Towers
  • Agent 47 -Created by Tom
  • James (Pokemon) - created by Towers
  • The Joker - created by Towers

Custom Games


In this game, you must make it from the hospital on the top island to the airport at the bottom of the island. Once you get there, you must get into a plane and fly away. Once you're far enough into the air that nothing could possibly hurt you, you win. This must be done with all of these cheats on:

  • Super explosions (#7)
  • Evil Cars (#16)
  • Pedestrian Wars (#19)

The codes for infinite clip (#9) and infinite ammo (#11) are also acceptable.


  • You may only enter the water to move between the top and bottom island.
  • When entering the water, you can only use it to swim to the end of the bridge.
  • No rocket launchers or other weapons that would ruin the challenge.
  • Friendly fire must be set to at least light damage.
  • You can't enter any vehicles, unless you are using a jet ski or a boat to move between islands.
  • If you die, you must start over completely.
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