Tanner is one of the founding members of UIF, and owner of New UIF. He had just turned 13 when he met Holly and Ryan at TotallyRE. He is the creator of both of the UIF movies.


He is 17 years old and lives on Iowa.

Although he can be kind of a douchebag, almost everything he says is a joke. He is pretty goofy and laid back, despite being the head admin of the forum. Many people don't understand this and end up hating him forever. But screw them, they're assholes.

Tanner is the creator of both UIF movies.

It is a well-known fact that Tanner is, in fact, the one-and-only Burger King. Some would say that he's the master of burger delivery, while others just say nothing because their mouth is full of burger and it's rude to talk with your mouth full. If you're starting to find yourself hungry, look out, because he could be right behind you with a plate that has a steamy hot burger on it.

Tanner is known on the boards as Tanner. On any other site he registers at, he goes by the name KingMe1220.

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