Towers is pretty awesome. Usually a douche bag to everyone and their grandmother, but over all a decent guy…No fuck that, he sucks. Towers first joined UIF after meeting Matt and Tom in the battle fields of CoD4. From there he was sent a link to join the UIF Ranks.

Few people have seen the real face of Towers. Appearing to everyone as a man with a large white box on his head. Even appearing on stickam with his box head. It is rumored that anyone that has seen the real face of Towers has had their life shortened by 20 years, and every time they see it after that it's another 5 years off.


Towers joined March 20, 2008, and the site went down hill from there. Constantly picking fights with members, pointing out everything to be stupid or lame unless he deemed it to be truly awesome. One memorable fight was in "The Dark Knight" thread, where he called everyone out as Heath Ledger dick riders. To this day he still believes that no one truly liked his roll they just got caught up in the hype. Even starting a fight with another member about them dressing as the Joker for their Prom.

That person turned out to be a total tool and ran away or something. Who cares? This is the Towers page, that guy can eat a dick!

Another fight was with Teh Chez, about a coming zombie apocalypse. Chez claimed that no matter what plan you had you wouldn't live. stating "You're already dead!" Towers called him out on being a douche bag, stating that Chez was not a survival expert and instead just someone who had read "The Zombie Survival Guide" one too many times. Chez was butt hurt about the situation and back pedaled in his argument.

Towers starred in both "UIF: The First Movie" and "UIF: The Movie 2000" as himself. Appearing in both movies as a giant building on fire. At the end of the second movie he was given a human actor.

Inspired by Tanner's UIF movies, Towers "acquired" a copy of "The Movies" and made a film of his own. "The Dead Walk" premiered August 17, 2008. It is a 15 minute long movie about two survivors trying to escape a city full of the undead. Towers has planned two follow up movies but is such a lazy asshole so they probably won't be made for a while.

Towers is known on the boards as: Raging Towers or The Angry Building. Going by those names along with; Rage, Towers, Raging Towers, Angry Building, That Asshole, Box Head, and Duke of New York A #1.

Random Facts

  • Towers' true form is that of a giant fiery Building
  • Airplanes fucking hurt!
  • Towers is the only UIF Member to do voice acting in the UIF Movie series
  • Drinks Guinness all the time!
  • Drives a Dragonzord to work, where he then plays with Legos all day
  • Is known to shit in a bathtub when drunk, he finds it hilarious
  • This page is just like Oblivion
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