The UIF HQ was founded on one late night session in GTAIV. Matt's brother had showed it to him a couple nights before and Matt wanted to take the credit and be cool with all his UIF XBL friends. It's located on the hard to reach roof top penthouse in the Majestic building.

When the chopper first landed, Towers spouted out "This is the UIF Head Quarters!" From then on that's what it was called.


The rooftop has enough room for a large chopper to land, and a small one, without crashing. Too bad everyone sucks at flying, cause they almost always smash a chopper into the roof and it explodes, leaving a husk of a vehicle blocking landing spots. Before landing someone must shoot the red gas tank on the grill. If a chopper lands on it, it will explode and kill everyone in the vehicle.

The top entrance is a glass greenhouse enclosure with a flight of stairs that lead into the building. Another set of stairs and you are inside the building. To the immediate right is a doorway to a bedroom where people can "get it on," but that's totally homo cause it's always a bunch of dudes.

Further downstairs and you will see a large dining table with breakable chairs lining the sides. Opposite that is the kitchen. Complete with stove, fridge, sinks, and an island in the middle with various cheeses on it.

Next to the dining area there is a living room set. Three large couches, a coffee table and a flat screen TV over a fire place. On the back wall in this room there is a radio that will play various radio stations from the game, depending on what you had your radio tuned to last.

If facing the TV, turn to the left and you will see the door to Floor 30 where only the coolest people hang out.

Items in the UIF HQ

There are no pick ups in the building. There are however items that can be physically grabbed by the player if the LB (left button) is pressed.

These items include:

  • Drinking Glasses
  • Ketchup Bottle
  • Mustard Bottle
  • Small Cheese
  • Large Cheese

The items were first found by Towers on accident. He walked into the kitchen and started hitting the LB and picked up a large piece of cheese. He then went out into the dining area where Tom was and threw it at him, shouting "Eat this you son of a bitch!" Tom thought it was a grenade and ran away.

The breakable chairs are very fragile. A slight breeze or a rank fart will break them into pieces. Some members will jump from the top of the stairs near the entrance and land on one or more of the chairs, causing them to break under them. It looks pretty funny.

Douche Baggery

Since the only way to get to the HQ is via chopper, death by rocket is a high risk. Anyone that pilots a chopper is given a Rocket Launcher with 8 rockets in it. This is especially annoying when someone is trying to land and a person is standing under them shooting rockets.

The grill is also a spot to be a jerk off. The grill holds 1 large red gas tank that will explode if shot. Unlucky bastards that stand too close to it will be launched into the air when someone shoots it, or they will just catch fire and die.

Two cases of Gas tank death were by Ark and Adam. They were told, at two different times, to go stand by the grill to see something cool. The person that told them that then shot the tank and they died. Epic lulz were had by all.

Towers is a huge asshole when map blips are off. He likes to land on a near by building with a sniper rifle and snipe people flying choppers in to land. Once the pilot is dead the chopper will nose dive into the ground and usually kill all passengers.


The main rule in the UIF HQ is no killing. Since it is difficult to get to, once you die you spawn at the base of the building and have to travel all the way back to the heli-pad for another ride. This rule is always broken.


  • The Majestic Building is used in a main story quest in GTA IV. I won't spoil it cause Tanner hates spoilers.
  • In story mode, a set of body armor can be found laying to the side near the roof top entrance.
  • Using a chopper during the story mission is an easy way to complete it. Fly to the top and work your way down. The guy you are after will run to the room for an easy kill.
  • Only two people have fallen off the UIF HQ and lived. Tanner and Towers
  • A short zombie porno was shot in one of the rooms of The Majestic.
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