UIF - The First Movie

UIF: The First Movie is the first of two movies based on UIF. Tanner created it over the course of three days using The Movies (PC). It was officially announced on August 4th, 2008, and then shown on Justin.tv on August 7th, 2008. The movie received great reviews from the members.

This portion of the article contains spoilers

The movie begins showing a city rendition of UIF, with flaming, exploding buildings everywhere. But it then cuts away, saying "o wait nvm this is old uif lol lol." It cuts to a lively, normal looking city, saying "THIS is New UIF."
But Carlos comes up with an evil plan. He says he is going to carry out this plan, but first he must talk to Towers. He asks Towers to borrow his spam bots, and Towers lets him.
The movie then cuts to the chatroom, which is a wood cabin in the middle of the woods. It shows Ashley, Redfox, and Tanner having a discussion about the PS3. But then, Matt bursts into the chatroom, saying that something is wrong with UIF, and that Tom and Tanner need to see it. When Matt takes them to the forum, they see that the forum has been overrun by spam bots. The three admins decide to take everyone to the backup site to protect everyone. When they get there, they are attacked by spam bots not much later, which are both shot dead by Dave and Tom, using the last of their ammo.
When people question what everyone is going to do next, Chez gives everyone guns and ammo. Matt tells everyone that they're going to take back UIF, and they all leave the backup site and go back to the forum.
What follows is an epic battle, UIF vs. an army of spam bots. UIF comes out on top, and the forum is at peace again. The only thing left to do is take care of Carlos. Tom, Tanner, and Matt chase him down, and Matt grabs him from behind. Tanner walks up to him, knees him in the crotch, kicks him in the face, and shoots him. When they wonder what they should do next, they all decide to go get pizza. The credits roll, and the movie ends.


  • The original plot for this movie involved giant chickens that attack UIF.
  • When creating the establishing shots of New UIF at the beginning, Tanner hadn't created the character models for anyone yet, nor had he any idea what the movie was about. That is why there are so many unknown characters walking around in the very beginning, including a mummy.
  • Raging Towers voiced himself.
  • The idea for Tom's invisible car came randomly. When Matt is walking with Tanner down the street and Matt says "Brace yourself…" the game gave an option to have a car driving by. When Tanner wondered what it would look like to have someone driving an invisible car in the game, he put Tom in it and looked purely to satisfy his curiosity. He decided that it looked too funny to not use in the movie, and he used it later in the movie.
  • At the end of the movie, when Tanner shoots Carlos, Tanner's hands are black. (However, this is shown to have actually happened in the second movie.)
  • The title of this movie is a take-off of Pokemon: The First Movie.
  • When Matt yells "KILL THEM ALL!" at the end of the movie, the sky above him is black. This is because of a glitch in the game.
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