UIF - The Movie 2000

UIF: The Movie 2000 is the sequel to UIF: The First Movie (Makes sense, right?). It is 22 minutes long, almost twice as long as the first one. It was officially announced on November 25th, 2008 when a surprise trailer was shown on Justin.tv right after airing the first one. The movie was then worked on for the next few days, but then production stopped when Tanner wasn't sure which direction to take the movie in. Then, 2 weeks later, he had an idea that was better than all the other ideas he had, and chose that one. It was officially released on Justin.tv on December 20th, 2008. (12/20)

This portion of the article contains spoilers

The movie begins with a lively, active city rendition of UIF. It then zooms in on the tallest tower in the city, the admin panel. There, Tom gives Tanner one hundred dollars that he owes him (referring to one of UIF's inside jokes.) Tanner then tells him he can't accept the money, walks Tom through the entire city, doing various activities, while telling him the story of what happened that night on Left 4 Dead. They end up at Tanner's profile (a bedroom) and Tanner says "Just because I said 'I bet you 100 dollars that corpse will be there next time' doesn't mean I meant, 'I bet you 100 dollars that corpse will be there next time'." Tom storms off, leaving Tanner alone.
But then Tanner is confronted by Carlos, who is looking for revenge for what happened in the first movie. He explains that he was only shot in the foot in the first movie. Carlos tells Tanner that he has kidnapped Santa Clause, and he plans to ruin Christmas. Then, telling Tanner that he can't let him live, he shoots him and leaves.
The next day, Dave and Jesse are seen arguing about whether or not Fallout 3 is like Oblivion in the chatroom. They are interrupted by Tanner (only having been shot in the foot), who bursts through the door. He tells everyone that Carlos has kidnapped Santa. Jesse's crystal ball tells the three admins to head to the banned list to look for clues. They get into the invisible car and leave.
When they get to the banned list, it is presented as an Old Western jail. They interrogate the spam bot that Matt banned in the first movie. The spam bot tells them that Carlos got an army of zombies from Towers.
The three admins then go talk to Towers, who then tells them that he had no idea what Carlos was planning to do with the zombies, and that he was just trying to help a guy out. The conversation is interrupted when one of the zombies attacks Tanner. They run away, and Tanner tells everyone to head to the backup site.
When everyone gets there, they are unsure of what to do. Nobody likes the backup site, as shown in the first movie. But then, Eric runs up to Tanner, telling him that he saw Carlos going into his profile. Tanner, Tom, and Matt rush to Carlos' profile, and shoot Carlos dead right before he rapes Santa. Carlos is obviously dead this time, lying in a large puddle of his own blood.
When Santa learns that there are zombies infesting UIF, he decides that "It's time to kick some holly-jolly ass."
They return to the backup site, where Matt tells everyone that it's time to go kill all the zombies. Everyone gets into a SWAT van and heads back to the forum. They get out, and what proceeds is an epic battle of UIF vs. the zombies. UIF comes out on top again, and the battle is over.
Tanner thanks Santa, and then Towers appears as a normal person (having been 'put out' by Eric.) and suggests that everyone goes and gets pizza again. But Matt doesn't like this, and says he wants to go to Target, which is where they end up going.
The movie ends with the quaint scene of live-action Tanner sitting by a fire place, reading the movie like a book. He says "and there was never another sequel." He slowly closes the book, smiling at the camera. His face then changes tone to a more serious one, and says "EVER!" he throws down the book and storms off. The credits roll.


  • The phrase "Or Christmas will be ruined!" (or some variation of it) is in the movie 5 times.
  • The first idea for the plot of the movie was that Carlos was going to start murdering UIF members, and it was going to be a murder mystery movie. Tanner ended up scrapping this idea because he didn't know who to kill and who to let live, and he didn't know how to make it long enough.
  • Another idea for the movie was that Towers was going to do something evil, and it was up to everyone else to stop him. It was going to end with everyone getting into a fire truck and putting him out. This is where the idea of Eric putting him out at the end came from.
  • The "Never another sequel" portion of the ending was filmed 7 days in advance of the movie's showing on Justin.tv.
  • The cast of this movie contains: Tanner, Tom, Matt, Raging Towers, Dave, Ryan, Jesse, Casey/Abusive Owl, Sanchez, Trish, Ashley, Adam2, Adam, Ark, Jon, Carlos, Lost Remnant, ZatchX, Jack, redfox, Josh/EliteDForce, Nick/Gimpy, sevenz and Eric.
  • When the Justin.tv version of the movie was uploaded to YouTube, the audio of the movie was pulled because of a copyright claim by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. When Tanner filed a repeal, the audio was put back within half an hour.
  • An extra day of production was added because of an audio sync issue.
  • Like the first movie, the title is a take-off of Pokemon: The Movie 2000, which is also the second Pokemon movie.
  • The book Tanner is pretending to read at the end is actually The Bible.
  • There will never be another sequel.
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